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Things to do today:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Shower
  • Make beds
  • Go to Stop & Shop
  • Go to the mall
  • Get wrapping paper
  • Go to Blockbuster
  • Write thank you cards
  • Wrap gifts

Yeah, as you can see I have a lot of stuff to do before the day ends. I checked the movie schedule on TV tonight, and there's no Christmas movies on, I can't believe it. Last year there was tons of Christmas movies on. This year "How the Grinch stole Christmas" has been on all week, not once a night, but twice! They're really over playing that movie, I'm starting to get sick of it. Seriously. I mean where does "Home alone" & "A Christmas Story", come in? Tonight they're playing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" @ 8:00, & "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" @ 8:30. Wtf? I mean don't get me wrong, I love "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"... but def. not around Christmas time.

I finally convinced my dad to get DSL. Ohmygodyes. He's going to call AOL today. I mean I've bothered him enough, so he finally gave in. When asking my dad for something it takes a lot of convincing, which I am great at. Oh & My uncle Richie is coming over later to give me my $300 dollars in Christmas money, which he gives me every Christmas. & dad said I can buy an ipod with it. Cheers.

Anyway, new layout, theme; "A Christmas Story". Changed it to Nicole Richie♥

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Chritsmas is almost here♥

So today was fun. I thought it was going to be hectic because I had 3 tests, but I know I def. passed all of them, woo. I even have time to look over the math problem I forgot how to do, because Co is giving us more time tomorrow. Yeeeah. I got a gift from Meggy today. It's sooo adorable. Its from Bath & Body Works, and it's shower gel & lotion in a green tub with a bear who has a scarf and hat sitting in it. The scent is mango manderin. It smells sooo good. I love it! Picture featured below:

After school I went to Starbucks and got a Chantico, which is a thick, rich, hot chocolate. It's sooo good. & then a little while later Gus came to drop off the gift he got me, which was a shirt from Hollister, which I also love very much. Picture below:
Tomorrow we have a half day of school, and breakfast with Santa in the morning before homeroom. & because of it, homeroom now starts at 8:05 inside of 7:35. Sweeeeet. I'm exchanging gifts with Lisa tomorrow, and she like can't wait to give her gift to me. She said it's soo great, lol. I hope none of my other friends are going to un-expectedly get me something without telling me. I hate when they do that, only because I don't have a gift for them, because they didn't tell me they were getting me anything. I hate recieving without giving. But anyway, we'll see what happends. Mall after school tomorrow with Jenn & Lisa. ♥
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Since I haven't updated in a couple of days, lets re-cap, & start with Friday. Friday was eventfull. A kid name Rob Meglio threw a book at someone in english class, but it missed & flew out the window. It was the teachers book nonetheless. If that's not bad enough, she sent some kid to get it, and instead of taking the book upstairs, he tried throwing it back up into the window! It hit Mrs.Waldyer's window, and she called the office bitching because she thought it was a snowball. I honestly don't know about some kids in our school. After school I went to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping with my mom, and Gus unfortunately just had to tag along. Well we went into Bath & Body works, and you know how they give you those totes to put your stuff in while you shop inside the store? Well he thought they were free and ended up walking out with one. I didn't even bothering telling him. Obviously you can't bring him anywhere.

Fast forward to Saturday, and I'm sleeping over my aunts to type & print my lab for bio which was supposed to be due this Wed., because my printer is broken. Well guess what? Now Mr.Nemergut said we don't have to turn it in until we come back for vacation. This shit always happends. Everytime I'm ready & done with my paper, they always, always, always, extend the deadline. Love it.

Sunday nothing much happend. & today was pretty boring. Joy & I did attendance to get away from "Peter", since he just sits there quietly anyway. Everytime I go into Ms.Alberti's spanish class some freshman kid always says "Hey" when I come in and then "See ya" when I leave. I never answer him, I mean does he honestly think I'm going to? Fat chance, even when I'm in a reeeally good mood. Anyway, lets see what tomorrow brings.
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Religion today was as funny as hell. We were reading the gospel of John, omgg exciting I knowww. & for all you people who are reading this, and going religion? Yes, I go to a Catholic highschool, therefore I am required to take four years of religion. Anyway. We were reading the gospel out loud, and Shawna fell asleep. So Mr.Sweeney got up, went over to her, bent his knees so his mouth was inline with her ear, and yelled "BOO". Shawna jumped like 8 feet out of her chair, and was all "Mr., why you tryin' to play me like that, I could of had a heart attack". Lmfao.

In bio we started our next lab, which has like 6 diagrams & descriptions. Wtfff. I don't even get what it's all about. He makes no sense, and he goes way to fast. "Peter" bka Dan, is Matt's new lab partner. Hehe. & okay, I lied, "Peter" isn't the least bit cute. I don't know why I thought he was "okay" before, but the more I observed him at lunch, the less I thought so. Besides, he kept turning around in bio & staring which was really annoying, and he hardly took any notes.

Mom said she just bought me another gift for Christmas. She said it was $80.00, but she won't tell me what it is, nor will she give me any hints. I wish should would, I'm super curious as to what it may be. I hope it's something good... I'm sure it will be though. There's exactly 2 and a half hours until I'm home alone for the rest of the night. Woo. Although I'll most likely be bored and have nothing good to do, it still means the house to myself.

10 more days till Christmas!
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Back to school.

So I'm feeling better, I went back to school. It was the same old same old, there was drama at our lunch table... not gonna mention any names, but it was def. considered lunch and a show. Classes were classes, and suprisingly, I don't have hardly any work to make up. That's a plus. The highlight of the day though, was Matt Mag. Lmao. He was wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, and he had his hair combed over. He looked like a lawyer. In bio we're watching a movie on AIDS, it's totally gross, and right before lunch. && I think that's pretty much the highlights/interesting facts of today.
Tomorrow will be sweet though, Mom's going to a Christmas party, and I'll be home aloneeee all night. Yesss.I love being home alone. It means total freedom, and occasionally cake for dinner. :P
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Didn't go to school today, I felt like crap this morning. & I woke up last night at 1:06AM and I felt all sweaty, and I had cramps in my stomach. Not to mention I felt like I was going to puke any second. I was in the bathroom for like an hour, then I had the chills. Mom said I might have caught a little bug, who knows. But I'm def. going to school tomorrow, I can't stand sitting home doing nothing, and listening to my dad complain about how I "wasted" a school day. A n n o y i n g. I just hope I don't have all this work to make up... I doubt I will though.
Mom decided to be cool and let me get the 60.00 dollar jacket from Aeropostale that I want. She called me earlier. She said she'd pick it up on her lunch hour. Yesss. I'm so bored, though. I should of just went to school. But I didn't know if I'd feel worse as the day progressed. I think I'll make some Christmas cookies or something later, & watch re-runs of old shows that are never on anymore. Exciting.
& I have to type up my poem for english later. Ugh. It's funny how I have homework, when I wasn't even in school today. Love it. Note the sarcasm. Whatever, might as well get it all done now, instead of waiting till the last minute like I frequently do.
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-insert witty title here-

"If I had a jar and filled it with a dollar everytime you had a blonde moment, I'd be rich. ♥" -ladybenitz86

Today was okay, nothing interesting happend. Well, we do have a new student. His name is Dan, but he looks more like a Peter. I'm renaming him. He's really quiet, and he's supposed to be a junior. but in the middle of his Sophomore year he upped and left to go live with his aunt in some other state, and he took like all electives in his old school, so he had no credits for this year, therefore, he had to repeat Sophomore year. He's in honors classes though, so he's only in my Biology class, my study, and my lunch wave.

He sat at our table during lunch, and was pretty quiet. The whole time I was talking to Joy & Lisa, though, he kept like staring at me. & then in study he asked "is this seat taken?", and ended up sitting next to me and Joy. We then discovered that he lives in our area, and that even though he seems mellow and quiet, he listens to heavy metal, and he used to smoke cigs. He's okay looking, a tad bit cute.

Anyway, nothing else. 'Cept we got out quiz's and test's back in Religion. I got a 100% on my quiz, and an 87% on my test. Far better than last year. This time I think I might actually make honors.

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